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The self-storage business has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry. This time is to expand the business and started a new company every day. Self-storage industry to operate in all parts of the economy from industrial to residential RW, in urban and rural settings. Self-storage owners and managers need their own storage facilities to meet and exceed industry standards for quality, reliability, convenience and accessibility.

Confidence and Assurance

Because customers and confidence is important, more people than ever choose a pre-engineered steel buildings for self-storage facility construction. Steel self-storage building and have confidence that is built into every unit. Customers can jail them and the property that they are safe and secure when the self-storage units are pre-engineered steel building their own storage.

As the owner of the self-storage facilities, you will love the features and benefits of building with pre-engineered steel building for storage. Using pre-engineered steel building for storage unit facilities can save 50% to 60% of the cost of traditional construction. Steel building a more durable than wood and more interesting than concrete block and nearly maintenance free for life of facilities. Pre-engineered building systems usually offer a range of colors including environmentally friendly and suitable for panel trim and tailored configurations to match customer needs and expectations. Precise reason and concise image to allow self-assembly of steel storage building that will be established quickly, not as concrete block, and minimize the cost of labor is not as concrete block storage unit, pre-engineered steel building can be easily expanded to accommodate growth in the future. Steel buildings offer unlimited self storage unit size, can accommodate the various needs of customers and units actually can be customized with a variety of ceiling lights, doors and insulation. Steel panels and steel framing to provide fire resistance which is very good, which is resistant to vermin, and can lower insurance costs.

Look what should When To Purchase Pre-engineered Steel Building Self Storage:

• Made in USA
• Precision Fabrication and Assembly Precise image
• Galvanized Girts and Purlins
• Simple and economical to establish
• Factory Direct Prices
• 25-Year Warranty
• Maintenance-Almost Free
• In-House Factory Engineering and Drafting Services
• Building knowledgeable consultants guide you through the Design and Building Purchase
• Experienced In-House Factory Engineers Drafting and Design of the facility for the Meet Your Needs Cost Effectively and efficiently
• High Quality Standards Are Met and Exceeded, Includes All Local Building Codes
• Precision Fabrication Concise Assembly and images for Fast and Easy Assembly

About Olympia Steel Buildings

Olympia Steel Buildings lasting supply of quality pre-engineered steel buildings for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications using only the highest value of commercial U.S. steel available. Olympia Steel Buildings has been a leader in pre-engineered steel buildings for over 40 years and are very proud to provide quality services and products made 100% in the United States and supported by a 50 year structural warranty.


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