plans for steel buildings

Architecture has come far since medieval times. Because of industrialization and technological progress, the need for a certain type of building for a particular purpose, which some feel has caused the invention of brilliant, most of which occurred in the last century. Major milestone has been achieved in the field of housing and commercial architecture.

Let's take a brief view of some important buildings, especially for industrial and commercial purposes.

Steel Buildings:

Steel buildings giant metal is the steel structure to combine both interior and exterior support. This is a building that was built especially for the office such as the provision, storage and living space. Including some type of "straight wall" and "clear span". They are cost effective and has a sound structure. Steel is a conductor so that the cost of summer cooling in the location which is very high. High vulnerability to corrosion due to atmospheric changes is another limitation.

Storage Building: As the name implies, this type is used for storage purposes. There are special design to store various types of goods such as industrial, electronic, engine and even the food grain and dairy products. A common classification is the "cold storage buildings" is generally used to store milk, meat and poultry products.

Storage Sheds:
It can be defined as a single story structure that is used for purposes other than residential. This structure is high and is used mainly for storage and repair of locomotives, airplanes and vehicles. If you have traveled by air or rail, then you should have seen this sheds on the airport and a busy port on the fringe of the railway station. Storage sheds are also used to supply all non-perishable items that do not require special attention.

Industrial Buildings: Industrial structure of the buildings and spread over several acres of land. They appear to be large, sheds very high and widely used as a structure under which large-scale manufacturing and assembly line production is possible. They can be further classified as Type and Special Type. Meanwhile, Industry Type, simple structures that are used as warehouses and workshops, for this type is used to handling more complex applications such as heavy machinery manufacturing and power production.

In addition, there are other types of commercial buildings that are designed specifically to meet the demand from the retail and specific and can also be used as a small office space.

Of trade and the construction industry we have developed and this can be seen most clearly in the civil engineering, modern marvels such as Seoul and The Towers Burge Dubai.


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